We all have images that come to mind when we think about home. Frequented stories, holiday decor, and cheeseball are just a few for me. However, most vividly, it's family and friends. As I begin to style and host in my own space, I think about the small, almost unnoticed things my mom did around the house growing up. Maybe it was rearranging art or decor in a room to change the aesthetic without spending a dollar - or pulling out napkins from the linen drawer to bring color to the holiday table. I can see the influence of my grandmother Verna in these acts. After all, I've been told it was Verna that would really take advantage of napkins at dinner parties - unique yet inexpensive, they pack a punch. Have I really drawn you in now with all this napkin talk?! I thought so.
Keep it simple; keep it beautiful - this seems to be the unofficial homemaking philosophy I have both seen and adopted. 
By sharing simple stories, recipes, and our collections of found and small bath items, I hope to preserve this same doctrine. Curating and entertaining in our homes are special opportunities; here's to making both a little easier.